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Technician Appointments


Technician appointments are patient visits handled by a credentialed veterinary technician in the comfort of your own home.  In these visits we can administer routine services and maintenance care. The following are some examples of services that she can provide:


  • Nail trims (based on weight, size and temperament)

  • Nutrition Consultation

  • Suture removal

  • Administering booster vaccinations (vaccine cost additional)

  • Cerenia & Convenia injections (medication cost additional)

  • Administering subcutaneous fluids & training (fluid cost additional)

  • Diabetic training (insulin injections & checking blood sugar)

  • Administer medications (medication cost additional)

  • Adequan injections (medication cost additional)

Please note that in order for our veterinary technician to be able to schedule, you must have had your pet seen by a Veterinarian at Doorbell Vet within the last year. 

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