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Dentistry at Doorbell Vet

At Doorbell Vet, your pet’s dental procedure will consist of three parts:

  • Comprehensive Oral Examination: Exam will include full mouth dental radiographs (x-rays of all of the teeth), visual assessment of the entire oral cavity, and dental probing and charting of any abnormalities on the teeth. 

  • Treatment of dental disease: Dental disease treatment varies based on your pet’s needs, but may include surgical tooth extraction, periodontal therapy, or other procedures.

  • Dental Prophylaxis: Your pet’s teeth will be ultrasonically scaled to remove tartar and plaque above and below the gumline, and polished. While clean teeth are pretty to look at, our primary goal is to give your pet a healthy, pain-free mouth, and each of these steps is critical to achieve that goal! 


In animals, comprehensive dental care can only be performed under general anesthesia. This is the most effective, least stressful, and safest way to allow full oral exam, radiographs, subgingival cleaning, and dental surgery for your pet. We understand that many pet owners have concerns about putting their pet under anesthesia, and unfortunately, we can never guarantee 100% safety (just like in human medicine), but we can reduce the risk as much as possible through our specialized dental anesthetic protocols. At Doorbell Vet, we design an individualized anesthetic plan for each patient, use the safest possible drugs, administer local nerve blocks to reduce the overall anesthesia level, use human-level anesthetic monitoring, and ensure pain is controlled at every step of the procedure. These steps make our dental procedures one of the safest anesthetic procedures we perform in veterinary medicine! This is especially important because we want our pets to have a healthy mouth throughout their life, and regular dental care is essential to their overall well-being.



Dental Services
Dental Prices
Dental Main.jpg

 dental routine

$600 -$700

  • Anesthesia

  • Iv Catheter and Fluids

  • scaling and polish

  • Full Dental x-rays

  • Dental charting

  • Hospital Fee

 Dental Minor

$900 -$1200

Includes all routine dental services

  • extraction of teeth

  • Regional pain blocks

  • Suturing

  • post operative x-rays

  • Pain Medication

  • oravet treatment


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