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Preventative Care

Wellness care is so important for keeping your pet AND your family healthy! Doorbell Vet offers complete wellness and preventative care and will work with you to develop the right plan for your whole fur family. We can vaccinate your pet, analyze stool, urine and blood samples to ensure that your pet is healthy and we can provide medications to prevent fleas, ticks, intestinal parasites and heartworm disease. We do not believe in giving unnecessary vaccines or medications and will guide you on these decisions with our personalized recommendations for your pet.

Medical Care

Doorbell Vet is equipped to provide medical care for a variety of pet healthcare issues. Some medical problems that frequently arise in dogs and cats include skin, eye and ear problems, pain, upset stomach, lameness, lethargy, and anorexia. The veterinarian will do a complete physical examination to try to identify exactly what is causing your pet’s symptoms. Sometimes, further diagnostics are recommended to get an accurate diagnosis. If needed, these diagnostics will be recommended during the examination. This includes blood work and urinalysis as well as referrals to specialists in areas outside of Doorbell Vet’s scope of expertise.

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