Is At-Home Euthanasia Right For My Pet?


When your pet’s quality of life has dropped significantly, it can still be a hard decision to end their suffering. Worried about making the right decision? Doorbell Vet will always approach the topic in a compassionate and understanding way and help you understand your options. We are experienced in helping you to assess your pet's quality of life.

Planning euthanasia for your ailing pet can be one of the kindest and most humane things you can do for his or her well-being. Performing the procedure at home ensures that your pet’s final moments will be dignified. They will be in a calm, safe environment, surrounded by family and familiar spaces, and as free from anxiety and stress as possible. Additionally, at-home euthanasia allows you to mourn in the privacy of your own home.

The Procedure

If you are considering euthanasia for your pet, please call us to discuss the procedure with you ahead of time and answer any questions you might have, so that you can know what to expect. Our experienced Rochester house call veterinarians always give your pet a sedative ahead of time to help your pet relax and fall asleep before giving the euthanasia injection. 

Availability and Cost

Although it is not always possible, we ask that you give us as much notice as you can for in-home euthanasia and in return we will try to be as flexible as possible. We know that it is not always possible to give a lot of notice and we try to work with you to be able to come to your home as quickly as possible in an emergency.  The cost is approximately $400 but can vary due to distance and post-care options. There is an additional charge if a same-day appointment is requested. For a quote, please feel free to contact our office.




After home euthanasia, most pet owners choose to have their pet’s remains individually cremated and returned to them.   Other options for aftercare include burial at home if local ordinances allow this or burial in a pet cemetery.


For $240-$270 Doorbell Vet can transport your pet to a crematorium for an individual or group cremation. For the individual cremation, the ashes will be returned in a wooden box engraved with the pets name, an ink paw print impression and a “Blooming Heart Remembrance” to plant in a special place where flowers will grow in memory of their pet. Owner’s can either choose to pick this up from our office or we can schedule a delivery within 10 business days at no additional cost.

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