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Doorbell Vet

(585) 441-0200


High Quality Medicine in the Comfort of your Home


We are proud to be a local, family-run business!

At Doorbell Vet, pets are not just our profession, they are our passion! It’s why we provide your best friends the best veterinary care possible.

A Loving Approach to Vet Care

We know how unsettling a trip to the clinic is for a pet. That is why we come right to where your pet feels the most comfortable - at home! We will greet your best friends with smiles, affection and uncompromising veterinary care. Minimizing stress for your pet makes evaluations and treatments easier. Everyone wins!

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • My pet does not like traveling or is too difficult to get in/out of my vehicle

  • My pet is fearful around unfamiliar people, animals, scents and sounds

  • I have multiple pets making it more difficult to get them all to a clinic at one time

  • My pet is elderly/newborn with a weakened immune system

There are several advantages to having in home veterinary care! By examining your pet in its own environment, your house call veterinarian can better evaluate behavior and conditions, which may be masked or aggravated by an unfamiliar environment like an animal clinic.  House calls are also more convenient for you, the pet owner, as you will be getting more specialized care while saving time by not having to go to the office and wait around for your appointment.

We feel that end-of-life concerns are always better dealt with in the privacy,  comfort and security of home, if possible.  A house call veterinarian ensures that you can say goodbye to your pet with the least amount of stress and anxiety.

Whatever your reason, house calls are more relaxed and you and your pet can enjoy the undivided, personalized attention of an experienced traveling veterinarian.

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