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Jaina and Kitty
Jaina and Kitty
Timber the Golden Retriever
Oak the Golden Retriever
Oak and Timber
Kira and Coconut - dogs
Kira and Coconut

Jim H. – Jania and Kitty

I encourage anyone considering using Doorbell Vet to not hesitate in picking up the phone and calling them.  If your pets are as much a part of your family as mine are, it will be the smartest move you make all year.

I have a dog and cat that I adopted who are great companions to each other, especially when I am away at work.  My dog Jania is 13 years old and requires somewhat regular veterinary care.

My cat is named Kitty and while she can be a handful because she was never properly socialized as a kitten, I also love her very much.  Her first trip to the vet clinic was one I’ll never forget.  She escaped from the box we transported her in, running into the woods behind the building.  Fortunately, when we returned later that evening, we were able to coax her out of the woods and into the car.  Needless to say, taking Jania and Kitty to the vet was a painstaking endeavor.

Doorbell Vet has solved the problem of getting my pets to the Vet comfortably & safely without stressing them too much. I can honestly say you won’t find people more genuinely concerned about the welfare of pets that Dr. Dori Marion and her staff.  She knows that when health problems stress my pets, I suffer equal anxieties.

That’s what makes her special as a Vet – she takes the time to help my pets with their problems and then treats an even worse patient – me – by explaining everything I need to know about caring for my pets the best ways possible.

I used Doorbell Pet many times, from regular wellness check-ups to more serious matters that required real veterinary expertise.  In every situation, Dr. Dori and her wonderful helpers made me and my pets feel as if we were their only patients, giving us undivided attention I never experienced at any veterinary center.  My pets are better for it and so am I.

The people at Doorbell Vet have been a blessing in my life.  I recommend them to everyone I know who loves their pets the way I do.


Jaime S. – Oak and Timber

My experience with Doorbell explains why everyone should choose them first for veterinary care.  Oak, our golden retriever, collapsed unexpectedly one day.  We immediately contacted our regular veterinary clinic only to be informed they had no available appointments and would be closing soon.  We then called Doorbell Vet and Dr. Dori came to our home within 15 minutes.  She diagnosed Oak’s condition immediately and made numerous calls and arrangements for us to take Oak to an emergency facility where people were waiting for us.


After we left, Dr. Dori called us every half-hour inquiring about Oak’s condition and lending the moral support our family needed at this trying time.  Her kindness and compassion was more than we could have imagined, especially since she wasn’t our regular vet.  Oak passed away, but we agreed if we ever got another dog, Dr. Dori would be our vet of choice.

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Next thing you know, along comes “Timber.”  We of course called Dr. Dori and to this day, the people at Doorbell Vet are the only ones we’ll allow to care for our beloved pet.  At-home vet care is wonderful.

As a stay-at-home mom, I don’t have to dress my child as well as get Timber ready to go to the vet.  Dr. Dori comes to us, bringing treats for Timber and smiles for the family.  She is caring, never rushed and takes her time with both Timber and the rest of us to discuss every issue at hand.  She is so amazing because she’ll just stop by for a couple minutes to check up on us and make sure all is well – at no charge!

The price is unbeatable given all the convenience you get with at-home care and the quality of veterinary expertise they provide.

Doorbell Vet is a pleasure to recommend.


Susan L. – Kira and Coconut

I originally contacted Doorbell Vet when Kira, our Golden Retriever, contracted bone cancer.  Her condition was so serious that something as simple as walking her could have broken her leg.  We only expected her to live 2 weeks, but thanks to Dr. Dori and her staff, we enjoyed another 5 months with Kira.  When we later got my mother’s dog, a half Tibetan spaniel and half cocker spaniel named Coconut, Doorbell Vet was our choice to provide the wellness care she needed.


What I appreciate about Doorbell Vet is the whole at-home approach.  Coconut is so relaxed and calm during her exams.  The folks at Doorbell Vet also take time to explain to our child what’s going on and they also help Mom and Dad with our concerns to make sure everything is okay.  Dr. Dori spends time listening to you and talking through all the options that are so important.  It’s totally unlike the rushed appointments I’ve experienced at busy veterinary clinics.

I recommend Doorbell Vet to all my friends and family because they are more concerned about our pet’s welfare than just getting a paycheck.  It’s such a refreshing difference and one we all – pets and people – enjoy.


Kelly A – Zena

For me and my beloved cat, Doorbell Vet allowed my pet to pass under our own terms, in our own home, with his loving family. I didn’t have to terrify my cat by taking him to the vet (whom is a very kind and good vet); but a veterinarian office/hospital is a sterile place by default. There are so many pets, noises, and people; all to see, smell and hear.  My cat has always been very skittish of any strangers (darting into another room or under a bed upon their arrival to our home); so the thought of having to take him for a car ride (which terrifies him) to a vaguely familiar area; seemed extremely cruel.


Our vet had informed us that our cat’s swollen abdomen was due to fluid drainage from an inoperable tumor. Upon seeing the final signs that “it was time” we called our vet asking for in-home euthanasia ~ and those services were not available. We were referred to a service which was booked until the following week! Really? Like making this decision wasn’t hard enough; I was expected to watch this suffering for another week?  Or have my cats last day been filled with fear and unfamiliarity? No chance.

Through reaching out to friends whom had previous in-home euthanasia, we were connected to a different local veterinary office. This office was kind enough to give us Doorbell Vet’s contact information. Dr. Marion was able to schedule for that day; hours from us making the call. Dr. Allie Kulow came to our home and did everything we asked of her; from entering the house quietly, to walking down the steps softly. She explained everything and was extremely patient to meet our needs. My deeply loved cat died peacefully in my arms.


I am so very grateful that such a service exists and embraces the love/bond pets and owners share. If  your veterinarian office doesn’t offer in-home euthanasia; call Doorbell Vet. They made an impossible decision peaceful. Thank you Dr. Kulow and Dr. Marion from the deepest part of my heart.

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