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Cherishing Paris....

Paris Hennard was a very special kitty owned by Cathryn Hennard who captured our hearts when we first met her. Although Paris crossed over the rainbow bridge in 2019, Cathryn wished to honor her memory with The Paris Library Collection.

What is the Paris Library Collection you ask? It is a collection of books to help grieving families understand the loss of their beloved fur friends. As with Cathryn and Paris, the bond between the two-legged and four-legged beings can be a one of a kind - a soulmate connection. Therefore, the grieving process can be difficult, especially for children to understand. There is a variety of interactive books for children who are trying to understand why their pet is no longer able to play and cuddle with them.

In addition, Cathryn also donates memory coloring books and crayons that we are able to hand out to clients for their children who are too young to participate in the crossover, but yet wish to participate in other ways, by allowing them to create a memory book to help them to understand the process.

If you feel that you would benefit from using a book from the Paris library, please let our team know and we would be happy to find one that helps.

Below is an artist rendition of the photo (adjacent) of this beautiful kitty! We appreciate Cathryn's ongoing support of this wonderful program that assists all of our Doorbell Vet families during a difficult time.

We will never forget Paris - and Cathryn allows her memory to live on through this wonderful donation of her time and resources.

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