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We are sure everyone has heard and seen about the devastation of the fires that have taken over Australia. It has been estimated that nearly 1 billion animals have perished in these fires. Kolas alone have lost about 80% of their habitat and are almost consider “Functionally Extinct”.

Here at Doorbell Vet we wanted to find a way to help the animals that have been affected by the fires. International Fund for Animal Welfare currently has three different programs going that are for the sole purpose of helping the wildlife in Australia:

  • Koala Habitat Protection with Detection Dogs – Australia

  • Koala Protection: Rescue, Rehabilitate, Release, and Secure - Australia, New South Wales

  • Australia Wildlife Crime Prevention

We are inviting all of our clients to join the fight to help save these animals. For any client that donates at least $10 to IFAW and emails us ( proof of donation, we will send you a free IN CASE OF EMERGENCY – ANIMAL INSIDE sticker where you can put how many cats, dogs, or other pets you own are in your house. This is our way of saying thank you and hopefully preventing any more loss of life due to fires.

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