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Spending a Day with a Doorbell Vet

A Doorbell Vet and their assistant’s day starts early. They meet up in the office first thing in the morning to review the scheduled appointments, package up the equipment they will need and respond to any correspondence that may have been received overnight. Our office is conveniently located near downtown Rochester so we’re not far from any of our pet patients.

To the Vet-Mobile! It’s off to the first appointment! Today we’re going down to Honeoye Falls to check on a kitten that was abandoned and adopted into a loving family. After an exam and some vaccines, we’re off to meet our next patient. Between each appointment we make sure to check into our record portal VetPort to see if there is anything that needs to be addressed.

We stay in Honeoye Falls and visit with Fender, a shy 1 year old Labrador Retriever. He is so cute! Once our vet gets to know the little guy, all shyness disappears. It’s time for his annual exam. After the exam our vet and the Lab’s owner sit down to discuss some behavioral issues that Fender is experiencing. Our vet gives Fender’s Mom some advice on relaxation techniques, holistic treatments for anxiety and how to increase Fender’s social skills.

Then we head back up to Rochester, checking our VetPort portal for any new notices or emails and update the records from the morning appointments. We grab a quick bite to eat then it’s time to head out for the afternoon appointments.

We stay in Rochester and visit Hotdog and Ketchup, sibling Chinese Crested dogs for their annual exams and vaccines. They may be small but they hate traveling to the vet’s office and enjoy the toys and treats from their visitors. We finish their exam and gather some stool samples to send to the lab to make sure everything is okay.

The day ends on a bittersweet note as our last two appointments are euthanasias. It is always a sad time in any pet owner’s life but we know that we are providing a comforting service and that these pets are no longer suffering. We feel a great sense of responsibility being the last vet that these pets see before they cross the rainbow bridge.

With a heavy heart, it’s back to the office. Our vet and assistant finish off the day by updating records, planning the next day and getting the samples ready to go to the lab for analysis. They share their day’s adventures with admin team.

Our vets see everything from the new kitten that was just rescued, to a puppy that’s learning how to fit into a family, to spending the final moments with a pet and their family. We are all honored to be a part of every stage of your pets’ lives.

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