Hello friends, Thank you for visiting my website. Starting a business is very exciting and scary and the learning curve has been enormous. Good thing I love learning! Veterinary medicine is such an amazing field because there is always more to learn and I get taught every day from the patients I see.

I wanted to start a blog to have a more personal way to communicate with you, a pet owner or animal lover, so you can learn more about me; what kind of a doctor I am and how much I care about keeping pets healthy.

I have always loved animals (I think this is true for all veterinarians ) as they bring such joy and happiness (not to mention endless laughter!) to my life. I have wanted to be a veterinarian since I was four-years old! My own pets have always meant the world to me and I try to treat every patient I see just as if it were my own. Please let me know if there is anything you want me to write about!

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