Integrative Medicine at Doorbell Vet
Bringing healing hands to your home

Integrative Medicine is an approach to health that combines both traditional Western Medicine and traditional Chinese medicine along with other complementary medicines and therapies. This whole body approach to wellness can be applied to many illnesses and conditions we regularly see in our pets. At Doorbell Vet, we have the best of both worlds with many doctors, technicians, and support staff who are trained in western medicine working with those who are trained in Chinese medicine to ensure that your pet can live their best life! 


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What conditions are most commonly treated with complementary medicine? 

While many may be already familiar with alternative modalities use for cancer, chronic pain, and injuries, there are a great many conditions that a holistic integrative approach can offer advantages. Some other common conditions we can treat include behavioral issues such as storm phobia and separation anxiety, neurologic conditions, kidney, heart, or liver disease, conditions of the gastrointestinal tract, edema and more!

After obtaining a thorough medical history, the appearance of your pet's tongue, eyes, pulse quality, limbs and general attitude and constitution will be observed. A basic Western physical exam will also be performed. This information along with information from your regular Veterinarian will be used to determine your pet's treatment plan. Follow-up visits will likely be recommended as many of the integrative treatment modalities take time and repeat treatments to take full effect.



I called Dr. Jessi, when my dog, Natalia lost mobility in her hind legs. Dr. Jessi is beyond courteous and kind when it comes to caring for animals. She immediately made room in her schedule to do an on-site visit at my home. Natalia immediately loved her, which was important to me. Dr. Jessi provided Natalia with acupuncture and got Natalia back to hiking, which is both mine and Natalia’s passion. She got my best girl moving again and that love and compassion she provided to Natalia goes beyond words. Natalia had helped me through an incredibly rough year and Jessi helped put her back together again for me. If you need an excellent, kind veterinarian, contact Dr. Jessi Turner. From the bottom of both mine and Natalia’s heart we highly recommend Jessi and will miss her care immensely.

~ Zahra

Dr. Jessi Turner treated my dog who had arthritic issues, mainly in his spine. This was chronic, and I wanted an alternative to traditional medicine to treat his pain.


Dr. Turner treated him with acupuncture and laser, and prescribed Chinese herbal medicine, and that got Yogi along well for several years.

She came to our house, always prompt and reliable, and treated him with kindness and compassion. When he'd had enough of the needles for the session, she read his cues and ended for that session, rather than pursue and continue to agitate him. Yogi was a bit of a drama king!

I would recommend Dr. Turner without a doubt for an animal who needs help with pain management.

~Wendy Herrick